Fresh out of uni, we can see Leeds-based image maker and designer Lucy Ketchin going places real fast! Lucy tells stories and creates moods using her signature flat and colourful paper cut style.

We’re simply too in love with print for it to ever die, and being a huge advocate for printed matter herself, we can’t help but love her too! 

Follow Lucy on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Oh and keep a close eye on her developing portfolio page too!

Some really lovely words written about me and my work by Oddpears :——)


The Spring Classic’s are a series of prestigious cycling races held each year within France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Dating back from as long ago as 1896, the races can be gruelling, long and very tough.  Steep climbs, 200 plus kilometer routes and infamous cobbled stones are among the elements the riders’ have to battle through to gain first place in these ‘monuments’ of the cycling calander. 
Here are five prints, all available in the Neil Stevens Print Shop here.
They are produced in two sizes. A3 (420 x 297 mm) and Large (500 x 700 mm).